1. Separate banking investment powers for economic stability

    A big idea by: collin milhuisen

    Bank assets are held in one jar & no controls on where & how they invest,so they invest or gamble household savings & mortgages in dangerous & speculative markets such as derivatives & currencies, which caused the GFC & this must be limited.

  2. Peer Workers to help those with no mental health insight.

    A big idea by: Salome Argyropoulos

    It is very common that most people suffering mental distress/illness have no insight into their illness at the time of their acute illness, and only later, when recovered, realize the severity of their mental illness.Peer Workers can help them here.

  3. Spam

    A big idea by: Genevieve Kindt

    Spam is destroying benefits of using the Internet to our economy. It is getting so bad that people just delete everything in case they get caught out. Legitimate business contacts are not getting the full benefit of using Internet for their business