1. future financial wisdom

    A big idea by: jack barrett

    my idea is to divert federal funds to constructing a national high speed rail network from those set aside for the construction of 12 submarines over the next 30 years

  2. Money spent on roads

    A big idea by: Norman Olds

    The state gov of south aust. has said it will spend $987 million dollars to cut approx eight minutes off of a commute in Adelaide. I would like to know why this money can't be spent on the roads in the country where it would benifit more people

  3. change to the voting system

    A big idea by: declan keogan

    There should be one vote in every election.No preferences.Whoever reaches the required quota is then deemed elected by the voters.This may sound simplistic,and why should it not be.We need more honesty in all areas of policy and governance.


    A big idea by: Vic Brown

    Wasteful, often unqualified, overstaffed local government full of empire builders and litigious, officious and dictatorial staff who have never heard that public servants are there to serve the public (not themselves), especially on a local level.

  5. electric saver and fitness

    A big idea by: Constantine Veneris

    A stationary bicycle,connects to a generator or battery.As you do your fitness workout this bike accumulates power.From there your options are unlimited throughout your household,i.e.,electric shavers,small lights,other electrical appliances

  6. Shark Hunting

    A big idea by: Matthew Neal

    Please ignore the headline and listen to the idea. The idea is crowd funded sponsorship of marine biologists to tag the Sharks. Please read on.