1. Telehealth in the home

    A big idea by: Ann Hope

    Have Telehealth like system available via internet so people with health concerns can be assessed and set on the correct pathway in regard to healthcare access.

  2. Eradicate smoking for no cost

    A big idea by: Steve Klaassen

    We should implement a progressive minimum age for smoking. The minimum age for smoking each year should increase by one year. I.e the legal age for smoking this year is 18yo. Why not make the legal age 19yo next year, then 20yo the year after.

  3. Private Health Insurance Rort

    A big idea by: Wilfredo Ingles

    Health insurance companies are private enterprises & as such should not get government subsidies, that money should better spent in building more hospitals and buying medical equipment,medicine subsidies for chronic illness and dental treatment.