1. A Balanced Budget is NOT Good for the Economy

    A big idea by: Don Fraser

    The populist idea that a ‘balanced budget’ is good for the economy is based on pure propaganda: repeat the lie often enough and it becomes ‘true’. A sensibly designed, ongoing deficit provides a much better way.

  2. Wide body high capacity inter-city railway system

    A big idea by: Peter Schaper

    This is a proposal for a fast high capacity railway system to meet Australia's inter-city passenger and freight transport needs beyond the oil-fuel era and into the renewable energy era, which the proposed high speed rail system will not do.

  3. Friday's commun horticultural work

    A big idea by: Eva Samachis

    My idea is to create a few days a year where at least one adult per family, including visitors, is expected to attend to commun horticultutal work. This will allowe exchange of knowledge and a break in peoples lifes.