1. Terminal Aid

    A big idea by: Mary Zegura

    My idea is to help tourists find their way around an airport quickly without having to ask anyone for assistance.

  2. Leasing Solar Energy units.

    A big idea by: john Lewis

    Instead of houses and business and educational institutions buying outright solar panels & storage battery units; have leasing companies OR energy companies lease the alternative energy systems to the consumers.Leasing is very common in Australia.

  3. True blue boomer burgers

    A big idea by: robert robert

    My idea is to promote Australian food products in a unique forum to see that we, as a nation have products that no other nation can provide. I intend to provide uniquely Australian cuisine to residents with the aim to market globally

  4. Establishing farming around the Lake Eyre region

    A big idea by: David Thackrah

    Given the advances in agriculture and horticulture and the carbon input approach to sustaining the soil it is time to find flood provision from desolate areas with clever use of the vast water covered area known as Lake Eyre

  5. Innovation after the car industry

    A big idea by: Daniel Monk

    I recommend that we establish a large innovation fund where commercially viable ideas or medical research can be funded. With car manufacturing leaving Australia I recommend that all new cars purchased is subject to