1. vacuum toilet

    A big idea by: Leslie Parker

    My idea is to create an affordable alternative to our current water reliant toilet system

  2. legalization of cannabis

    A big idea by: Sean L

    My Idea is to have a legitimate, unbiased discussion in parliament on the legalization of cannabis, using places around the world who have had success / failure as case studies.

  3. International Airport

    A big idea by: Bruce Field

    I propose that an International Airport be constructed around Alice Springs and domestic flights then carry passengers to other areas of Australia or the world. Alice Springs has very close to 363 days of clear skies a year and is in a territory.

  4. Business Improvement studies in Schools & Universities

    A big idea by: David Muller

    My idea is to introduce continuous improvement studies and methodology into every day life. In business, to stay ahead of competitors, one must continuously improve. By using Lean and Six Sigma fundamentals, we can introduce basic improvement ideas

  5. Water storage

    A big idea by: David Alexander

    develop a large scale water storage storage system with potential for inland irrigation and drought mitigation.