1. Beavers in Australia

    A big idea by: Luke Brown

    Import and release Beavers into Australia! Scientific study can be done to see if they will increase the health of our rivers, lakes and forests, because they provide building blocks for animals and nature near our rivers.

  2. Youth centres

    A big idea by: Serena Hogan

    My idea is to create youth centres to help and support the younger generation strive and look more towards an education and to build on what they feel they want to do and are good at and to utilise that to build and sustain better safer communities

  3. School Bus Tracker app

    A big idea by: Rochelle Bishop

    My daughters idea. Due to her ASD she constantly stresses about missing the bus. A school bus tracker app would be perfect to ease her anxieties and also a great safety tool for all school children who catch the bus.

  4. A better framework for investments

    A big idea by: susan stipcevic-webb

    The small scale investor (private and self managed superfunds)favours property over other investments. Property is a single dimensional investment,it does not generate employment, it does not stimulate innovation, the only beneficiary is the owner.