1. 6 month work experience or visas

    A big idea by: Brett Middlemis

    lousy pay has and always will be the main problem with aged care facilities. It's right up there with child care as a difficult job for lousy money. As it's mostly privitised this won't be changing any time soon.

  2. Pensioner Industries

    A big idea by: Anna Lashbrook

    Older people (in nursing homes/retirement villages/community centres) connected with local businesses to help with basic tasks (ie: labelling, folding,mending, knitting beanies for newborns in public hospitals).

  3. Medical diets

    A big idea by: Robyn Lucienne

    Diets for the elderly and disabled people in supported accommodation that are based on their medical condition. Food catering to their individual health needs.

  4. Aged care mortgages

    A big idea by: Mavia Tan

    My idea is to help elderly to afford and be able to live off life with happiness until the end. Paying your aged care services like you would with house mortgages.

  5. An app for RUOK/Emergency

    A big idea by: Gary Scovell

    People living alone who do not have any care are susceptible to many instances of health and danger problems which can happen during the night. Most people these days have mobile phones. If they don't "wake up" then they may not be "discovered"!!!