1. The Friendly Fridge.

    A big idea by: Chris Collins

    The typical fridge /freezers are hard for the elderly and disabled to get to the bottom or top shelf. With using the fridge pneumatics we can have automatic adjustable shelves that can move to waist height by a push of a button.

  2. The Age care experience

    A big idea by: Rebekah Page

    Have a student in year 6 and a student in year 9 ( of the likely high school the year is 6 going to attend) attend the same age care facility once a week for 2 hours over a 6 month period.

  3. Easy Find

    A big idea by: Marie Potter

    A computer screen placed at the entrance to Supermarkets which customers can access to find out where to find the products they want. This will save time & energy, and avoid frustration, particularly for the elderly and time poor.

  4. Caring Communities

    A big idea by: Annette Williamson

    I would like to build an accessible, self sufficient community for aging and disability clients where workers would be enticed to live and work in their community.