1. Caring For the disadvantaged

    A big idea by: Oskar Bennett

    Our idea is to give the disadvantaged safe places such as safe homes and places that young people can play and grow up. there will be food that is given out to the disadvantaged and they can eat it.

  2. Feeding the Future

    A big idea by: Niamh Cook

    To find or build an organisation that will go ahead with our idea to house homeless/disadvantaged kids to get the education they deserve and the facilities the need.

  3. Anytime charity donation App

    A big idea by: alister taylor

    My idea is to create a single App that allows people to make donations to charities immediately. They will be able to select favourite charities from a list and keep track of their giving. They can also choose to receive updates from their charity.

  4. Jobs in Indigenous Communities

    A big idea by: DA HI

    My idea is for there to be incentives for telephone company service centres and similar services that can operate remotely, do not require highly qualified staff, and are often overseas, to be set up in remote indigenous communities.