1. Only for Australians

    A big idea by: Fergus Dixon

    Any property worth $1 million or more can only be purchased by an Australian citizen. Part#2 - overseas investors can only purchase one property.

  2. A new model Australian city

    A big idea by: Jo TADDEO

    A new model master planned city will be created based on residents & companies awarded free land with reduced taxes & incentives. It will be a donation of major land the govt. already owns (ie. regional) & a location voted/best-suited to a new city.

  3. Accessing Superannuation for a House Deposit

    A big idea by: S Sanders

    My idea is for middle aged people who have money in superannuation to be able to access it as a deposit for a residential home loan. As superannuation can be accessed for investment properties why cant it be accessed for a first home owner?