1. Smart Traffic Lights

    A big idea by: Patrick Garcia

    when im driving, ive noticed that when traffic lights are green there are no cars that are available to go thru then when it changes to red thats when car arrive.

  2. Scrap stamp duty

    A big idea by: Nathan Phillips

    Stamp duty is an unnecessary expense to property owners/investors. An expense which must be recouped from buyer/renters.

  3. Create a low cost online real estate agent

    A big idea by: Nathan Phillips

    Real estate agent fees just drive up the expenses in owning/investing in a property and add negligible value. These expenses are passed onto the home owners and renters at the end of the day. With the internet, real estate agents should be redundant.

  4. Get Rid of Stamp Duty !!

    A big idea by: Roger Stephenson

    Replacing stamp duty with an annualised property tax would allow professionals to readily relocate in order to follow jobs, and would also assist others to purchase their first home.