1. Limit tax offset for investors

    A big idea by: Brett Middlemis

    Cap the tax deduction for rental properties at two & Only allow a tax deduction to people with a primary residence. This will make sure there is still adequate rental properties available and not affect most mum and dad investors.

  2. Off Peak light

    A big idea by: Robert Frith

    I have an idea for a range of light fittings for domestic and commercial use that have an internal Battery that is charged on off peak Power, and then runs in peak times on its own battery. Its not just cheaper. There's no blackouts!

  3. Neutral gearing

    A big idea by: Dave Everett

    Only allow gearing to a neutral amount i.e. Losses to match gains - that is neutral or positive gearing not negative eg if my rental income was $20000pa and my losses on this are $30000 then my allowable deduction is only a maximum amount of $20000

  4. Smaller Properties

    A big idea by: Jon Courtis

    Australians live in the largest houses in the world and we scratch our heads and ask why they are so expensive. We need to start building much smaller properties.

  5. regional cities

    A big idea by: Rex O'Doherty

    Build Very Fast Trains approximately 150 Kms from all major east cost Cities capable of 300Kmh which will give an half hour commute and allow for much cheaper land