1. The Bigger Picture

    A big idea by: Wesley Taylor

    The main factor is foreign investment in property where anybody in the world can buy land or houses in Australia, which drives up the price. My suggestion is to limit foreign investment only to new unit complex's and new homes.

  2. Incentives to create rural communities

    A big idea by: Max Duncan

    Long gone are the days when people required to gathered near prime land due to lack of transport. We now have access to amazing transport & communication options which permit the community to spread out- preferably not prime farming land.

  3. Re using and developing empty warehouses

    A big idea by: David McQueen

    My idea is to use empty non leased warehouses and develop affordable open plan apartments. This was very popular when I was working in the USA. I visited many clients that had set up with massive amount of usable sub dividable space. It was secure.

  4. Giving the homeless warmth and dignity

    A big idea by: Wendy Smyth

    Not all homeless people want to live indoors. Create a waterproof sleeping bag with a built in sleeping mat which rolls up to a lightweight easy to carry swag to give "Dignity and Warmth" to those that choose to sleep outside for just $10.

  5. Tax on empty homes

    A big idea by: Chris Lee

    Create a tax on empty homes so it gives an incentive for the owners to put it on the market, creating increased supply.

  6. Using existing infrustructure and houses

    A big idea by: clyde batty

    Every State has towns that for many reasons have housing that is cheap and in some cases the whole town is for sale, with some influx of people and skills these towns could be brought back to economical soundness and form strong communities again.