1. Inadequate Food and Beverage Ingredient Labelling

    A big idea by: Concerned Parent

    Require all Australian made food and beverages to list every fruit and vegetable ingredient on their product and packaging. This will assist people with allergies and anaphylaxis to identify if the food/beverage is 'safe' for them to consume.

  2. End of lockout laws

    A big idea by: Glen Martin

    Since the introduction of the lock out laws Sydney's business's and night life has dramatically suffered. So instead of punishing the whole for the actions of individuals my plan is to return Sydney's night life while punishing antisocial behavior.

  3. one central charity

    A big idea by: Denise Fiegert

    everyone to pay $10 at tax time to the one charity this is then distributed to charities on a % of how many people are affected by this problem or disease