1. Ban the Banks as 'Custodians'to lending your super

    A big idea by: Les Alacs

    The Banks are landing your savings,super securities without your knowledge to short sellers who work against you by creating losses in your super account,and they both make a tidy profit at your expense. It should be illegal. Les Alacs

  2. fair tax for all

    A big idea by: bob mac

    flat tax+gst 20cent in every dollar that both people on wages and business earn they pay this tax . so if I earn 50.000 I pay 20 cents in every dollar as tax. if big banks earn 500 million dollars they pay 20 cents in every dollar they make.you

  3. Dole recipients to receive food stamps

    A big idea by: Karen . .

    Receiving food stamps as part of their total entitlement would eradicate inappropriate spending. Also mandate more work for the dole initiatives for long term recipients E.g. 2 years