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Over 55 Start Up Business Group

A big idea by: Steven Oesterreich

This helps in easing part-time employment and older workers A free group is created to bring in over 55s and grant them seed money to start a new business - but they need to include expertise from all areas from this group.

  1. International Airport

    A big idea by: Bruce Field

    I propose that an International Airport be constructed around Alice Springs and domestic flights then carry passengers to other areas of Australia or the world. Alice Springs has very close to 363 days of clear skies a year and is in a territory.

  2. Whole of Government Reform

    A big idea by: Michael Mowle

    Reduce Australian government to two tiers - a National Government & Provincial Government. This will require constitutional amendment to eliminate State Governments & transitional arrangements to set up provincial governments.

  3. Farmers Political Party

    A big idea by: Douglas Andrew Gribbin

    A Farmers political party independent of The National Party should be formed to represent land reform issues like Coal Seam Gas because the way we use land directly controls our future in the city and country

  4. Car Smartphone Alarm System

    A big idea by: Ethan Ferdosi

    Similar to the seat belt alarm system, equip the cars with a system that detects when drivers is texting or using their phones. This can save lives and prevent the fatal accidents on Australian roads.

  5. Road Safety

    A big idea by: James Peachey

    My Idea is to reduce the height of the traffic light poles making them easier to see from moving vehicles or where sun glare prevents a clear vision of the lights.

  6. Tax Reform

    A big idea by: Eugene Crowe

    Allow the States to increase their gst to 14% provided two states including either NSW or Victoria legislate for it. As soon as this happens ease income tax by half the target reduction with income tax completely eased in 8 years while gst is