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Over 55 Start Up Business Group

A big idea by: Steven Oesterreich

This helps in easing part-time employment and older workers A free group is created to bring in over 55s and grant them seed money to start a new business - but they need to include expertise from all areas from this group.

  1. Terrorism and Islam

    A big idea by: Hassan Sagvand

    Islamic Terrorism was born more than 30 years ago when moderate Islamic nations were taken over by Islamic revolutionaries misleading and deceiving the naive Western governments and media that assisted them in the name of Human Rights and freedoms.

  2. UNHCR, UN Refugee Convention

    A big idea by: Hassan Sagvand

    The UNHCR, the UN Refugee Convention in its present form is dysfunctional and riddled with illegalities, death and destruction.It should replaced with an alternative to settle the asylum seekers in their own habitat and stabilize the danger regions.

  3. SAT NAV speed inhibitor

    A big idea by: John Wilson

    Most new vehicles are fitted with a Sat Nav system that also warns of speed zones and I propose to take it one step further and have a speed inhibitor tied into the Sat Nav that when activated won't allow the vehicle to exceed the speed limit