Change the culture and framework of the Work for the Dole program to an employment opportunity program that is designed to provide people with real work skills with a focus on skill shortage areas within the Employment Service area's they reside.

Work for the Dole is a Federal Government program with limited employment outcomes for participants. Replacing this program with a future focussed Work for the Future program would enable those receiving a Centrelink benefit to fulfil their mutual obligation by participating in a practical work placement program with a local (SME)employer who would also benefit from being able to access semi-skilled labour in their business for a 26 week period. During this placement the Work for the Future participant would be further supported by subsidised training to achieve a certification which is industry specific to their work placement. This would give them practical experience, qualification and confidence in their abilities to secure permanent employment. It also supports small to medium enterprise businesses in metro and regional locations who would otherwise be limited in their financial capacity to employ more staff and allows them to focus on their own business growth.

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