Who are we? There are many answers, mostly based on ancient mythology. Modern science teaches us that we are children of Earth. Earth provides us with everything. The idea is to empower ourselves to speak for the Earth that gives us life.

Theology is the traditional theory of everything. Most of the conflicts around the world are based on false theological ideas: that the world is made just for us; that we have the right to exploit it to death; that people who do not believe as we do are infidels. None of this is true. Science teaches us that we are all in this together, all one species, all absolutely dependent on the resources of the Earth. The idea then is is to propagate this idea. We, and everything around us has evolved in the Universe, huge, wonderful and fourteen billion years old. The Universe is the real god, standing before our eyes. It is the real 'Bible' open to our study, clearly (with the help of science) guiding us toward good and healthy lives.

The universe is our judge too: do something stupid and you pay for it. Hit the nail crooked and it bends. Pollute the atmosphere and die of lung disease. You choose. Reality the the one sure guide to accountability. If we act on in harmony with reality, we have the the power of the divine Universe within us. There is no greater empowerment than to be the child of the real god.To know this is the first step to action.

The propagation and implementation of this idea is purely a matter of education, of learning to see what is around us, including ourselves.

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