Rural farmers in drought affected areas suffer greatly because of the lack of water. I propose to deliver recycled treated water to help the cause. It will contribute to employment opportunities, with a flow on to suicide prevention.

Empty wagon trains go to rural communities to collect coal, ore, grains and other produce; I propose to fill empty train wagons that total 60,000 litres per wagon and in total 3-million per entire train with recycled water from treatment plants to assist drought affected areas. This water backload, at the final destination will be delivered via water tankers, road trains and other trucks to assist farmers. Further, the water tankers could be used in fire fighting as they spray 80-metres and can carry 20,000 litres of water. It will also assist rural communities with employment as truck drivers, and labourers would be needed at both ends of the train wagons. Recycled treatment water is currently going out to sea and it would be better used for our farmers.

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