Over speeding on Australian highways takes many lives every year.The easiest way to stop over speeding is to limit the vehicle speedometers to 110 km/h as this is the maximum speed limit in Australia.

If a vehicle has a maximum speed equal to what is allowed on roads then there is no way one can go over speed limit. This will save hundreds of lives and huge cost on policing speed limits on highways. It will also save drivers to pay fines if they have gone over speed limit unintentionally.

The problem will stay for places where speed limits are less than 110km/h but we can avoid the more serious accidents that happen on highways where speed limit is 110km/h.

Moreover, why we need vehicles with speedometers up to 240km/h or even more when nowhere other than on a car racing track these speeds can be achieved.

Think again! this may be the most convenient way to save lives on Australian highways.

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