To receive unemployment benefits most importantly you should have to undergo a drug and alcohol test, be given a basic card for your needs not cash, less than the minimum wage and a time limit.

  1. Make everyone currently on unemployment re-apply and undertake drug and alcohol test.
  2. Once approved for unemployment instead of cash a card is issued for use for important living expenses not to buy alcohol or drugs but to pay for food, medical, travel on bus/train, education/training and rent.
  3. Less than the wage of jobs that are frequently available like working in Kmart or McDonald's, to give people an incentive to get off benefits
  4. Based on your situation at time of application, a limit on the length of the benefit should be applied. If you cant work for long period of time you should have to apply for another type of benefit. You can use your basic card for training and education there's no excuse this day and age not to work and put back into the country that's supporting you when you become unemployed and help you get back on track
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