Trolley Boys to be aiding the eldery with their shopping trolley in and out of the supermarket.

I know you have seen elderly shoppers struggles with their trolleys, we all have! I also notice Trolley boys pushing amongst customer’s big heavy loads of trolleys and looking all dirty and smelly. So my idea is that instead of our elderly community having to push these heavy trolleys out to their cars and taxis. How about the supermarket employs its “trolley boys “to offer a service which will push their trolleys for them. That also gives the supermarket the ability to better monitor their trolleys once out in the car park. This is really could be a whole new shopping experience for your customers. Eliminating the struggle of trying maneuver a loaded trolley throughout the shopping centre and amongst parked vehicles is removed. Seeing how so many of our respected elderly and especially our poor pensioners are so limited to only purchasing a few items per shopping trip. I offer to help any elderly shoppers I see struggling to turn their trolley into the next aisle with barely half a trolley of groceries weighing it down. I then find myself offering to push trolleys in car parks when I see elderly struggling to get their trolley to their cars or taxi ranks. They make comments about the wheels of the trolleys or their old bones etc. I believe the future of grocery shopping will be as such... On entry into the supermarket you will be greeted by friendly, polite and well-dressed Trolley staff. Who will ask if you would like a trolley or basket for your shopping, and whether or not they could assist you through the supermarket with your trolley. Then again at the register the cashier could then request trolley boy service to push your trolley to your vehicle and help you lift your groceries out of the trolley, and following return the trolley back into the store. This could be a service that could be offered free of charge or maybe charged for a small fee. Either way it’s a service I believe to be needed. This will create happy customers all around; knowing customers are assisted with their shopping experience and safely helped. I am sure if this was even trialled as a shopping experience for daytime shoppers you would see wonderful results. I understand children would not be liable to be pushed in the trolleys and damages to groceries in transport would come under the trolley boys fault. On a positive, trolleys would face fewer damages, and damages would be addressed and dealt with immediately. The trolley boys could even be renamed as Grocery Handlers, Servicemen or Trolley drivers.

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