The abstract painting has been touring Australia since 1983 - 186 venues and the public record their opinions on '3 Australians' into Yearbooks. The Yearbooks form a portrait of Australia. The painting is intended to keep on touring many GENERATIONS.

The longer the painting keeps on touring, the longer the painting is saying something about continual Australia's Political, Economic and Social stability...the painting is like that expression the 'Canary in the Coalmine' It has similar symbolism to the Torch Relay leading up to 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Instead of Torch, it's a painting. Instead of lining the streets and applauding, the public use their imagination and place the opinions into the Yearbooks, just as the public use their imagination at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in the Melbourne Cup, the public use their imagination at Blue, Red and Green Figures in the painting. The painting in 2016 is currently touring 10 Melbourne venues, 2017-Tasmania, 2018-NSW, 2019-Sydney. With the exhibition are 240 Letters from diverse range of Australians and foreigners with their opinions on the 'Three Australians'. These Letters are like the 'form guide' with all different opinions. This painting has a much bigger field than any Melbourne Cup. A second identical Painting is planned to tour other countries, a different country each year. So the opinions recorded in the yearbooks in 100 years will be different from the names recorded now. Australia will be a different place, the world will see Australians differently and this will reflected in the changing nature of the Yearbooks See facebook/google three well known australians

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