My idea is to create a virtual Bank where people who have been down and out can pay it forward for those who need a hand up not a hand out.

The concept of the World Confidence Bank is to value confidence as a commodity. Borrowing, depositing and withdrawing is common language and easily understood. It also places values and embedded trust in people's capacity without stigma. With a multitude of possibilities, account holders would have access to face to face and virtual opportunities to grow and share confidence in ways never done before.The backbone of this concept is two data bases. Data Base 1 is of people of with time, talent and/or money to support those in need and Data Base 2 is of individuals and agencies working with clients lacking confidence. Skills audits would be done so all participants would be appropriately matched and agreements negotiated. A condition of applicants needing to make a withdrawal would be that they agree to make a deposit within an agreed timeframe based on their capacity. Boundaries would also be in place for those making deposits to ensure their needs are met also. Expected outcomes for people experiencing disadvantaged times include increased confidence and self worth; the capacity to make better choices; reduced levels of depression; greater community engagement. Expected outcomes for people depositing and supporting those in need would be very similar. And both groups would in turn become ambassadors for the World Confidence Bank!

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