My Big Idea is to promote a world where society has less dependence on money, and places more value on the currency of sharing with, and helping one another.

In our ever increasingly materialistic world, full of people short on time, and a sense of community, I hope to promote the philosophy of valuing each other ahead of the dollar.

The Share Market (name ideas open for discussion) could be an app that would enable registered users to connect with other users in their community to offer, access, or exchange goods and services for free. It promotes the value of sharing, volunteering, and helping each other, above the price of money.

The Sharing Economy itself could be app based (initially), identity user locality, have user profiles, and categorise or list what they are looking for or willing to share.

We all have skills, goods, and services we can offer others. Conversely, not everyone can always afford to pay for those things, and don't have to but could offer their own time, goods or services in return, if requested.

The scale of the economy is only limited by the imagination and generosity of the users within its community.

Registered users would ultimately be rated on the quality of their goods and services, the interaction with others, and gauge how much of a provider or receiver of The Share Market they are.

In order to improve the quality of our lives, we need to be conscious of the detrimental impact money and material wealth is having. By changing our society's philosophy, valuing and helping each other above the dollar, we can have stronger communities, and more meaningful, moral, and ethical lives.

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