My idea is to construct and run a unique pay as you can cafe. At our core is the pay as you can, where customers pay what they can afford or what they feel their meal is worth. Our cafe will be organic, upcycled and open to all.

I would like to construct/build/upcycle a space in the Lake Macquarie area where every person can come to a warm and welcoming cafe. People who dine here are asked to pay what they can afford, so if you are homeless and unable, I would encourage you to assist in the running of our cafe either by helping in the kitchen, the dining room or the stock room.I encourage other people in our community to contribute by paying what you think is a fair price for our meals, all the while keeping in mind that we are a community service. University students are welcome to pay what they can afford and/or help out in the kitchen or dining area. Our menu will be seasonal and local, limited but healthy. Our winter menu will revolve around simple, hearty food, locally and hopefully mostly donated in order to keep our costs down. I have a couple of amazing women who can do incredible things with potatoes and rice, however our aim is to harness our resources to collaborate with organisations like Oz Harvest who have the ability to provide to us, ever assisting our cause. I envisage furnishing an entire cafe from upcycled furniture salvaged from kerb side collections, keeping our costs to a minimum for furnishing. I have a treasure trove of friends and relatives who are eager to salvage and restore furniture for me. I have a vast collection of crockery, cutlery and linen which I will use without hesitation, in order to give my cafe an authentic feel ... this is not a soup house! Every person deserves a warm welcome, a beautiful meal with cutlery and crockery and linen and napkins and service, no matter how they look, no matter what they can afford to pay, no matter their colour or creed, no matter who they love. My cafe will be about the people and for the people.

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