Centralised location of trained volunteers that connects vulnerable individuals to the specialised support service they need. The Kindness Key's volunteers provide an immediate range of practical services until a sustainable solution is put in place.

With social media and a phone the founder and team will recruit and train a range of volunteers who will effectively respond to calls for help. Other charity organisations can ring us for support workers when their services are in highest demand and we will respond: for example our network links will call on us as the key to providing support volunteers who are trained, committed, and reliable in areas such as shelter, food, health, education and counselling. Vulnerable individuals will feel that our kind service is the key to opening doors where they need to be and where they did not have the knowledge or resources to make connections on their own. Being the KEY to myriad support services is our core focus. Our services go beyond this core function in the following ways in traditional settings such as schools, hospitals and aged care homes: helping kids who need literacy support; sharing conversations with lonely elders; providing mental health services (and conversations, company and more...) to people in despair on the streets and striving where possible to take them from 'survival' to 'belonging'. This brief cannot be overlooked as just a 'nice idea'. To do so is underestimating the sheer pragmatic force of the founder whose wellspring comes from a place of personal experience and the ability to transform her life early on as a scared and pregnant teenager facing enormous challenges. The Kindness Key workers are prepared to pitch in and reliably support vulnerable individuals - hold the space for them - until they get the sustainable resources they need.This service has a right to exist as we only have to look at the big issues facing our disadvantaged people to know there is a gap to fill when it comes to their sense of isolation and despair.

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