Provide what people need without the judgement and futile bureaucracy. Basic Income, affordable housing, mental health care and a guaranteed job for all willing and able to work.

To set the stage, you need to reduce growth and infrastructure pressure by reducing net immigration Step One: Eliminate poverty by implementing a Basic Income policy Step Two: Ensure affordable housing by adjusting tax policy to remove the incentives to use empty housing as a wealth acquisition strategy. Limit overseas purchases. Build sufficient stock to house existing waiting lists. Allow public tenants the option to rent/buy. Step Three: Provide mental health treatment under Medicare at levels consistent with evidence based practice, eliminating the "10 session per year" current cap. Step Four: Instead of using JobActive/Centrelink to abuse the unemployed, all JobActive providers must provide safe,meaningful, appropriate work or training for their clients using the Jobs Guarantee model. Step Five: Tweak to taste and adjust for "market failure"

If required, a two tier basic income system could be used where people with the capacity to work can earn a participation bonus by engaging in job seeking, training, study, volunteer work at a level assessed by a suitably qualified health/social sciences professional.

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