Determining the root cause so the seeds of evil do not spread. Those 'anti western' people who believe their foreign Culture / Faith /Religion is above those of any Country with more civilized laws, need to convert / assimilate or leave.

Which Faith / Religion, has Anti -Western Values ? Does their Faith condone execution, when someone is not a believer ? Which Faith has resulted in billions being spent on counter terrorism measures ? If the answers point to one 'religion', all Leaders of a Western democracy need to send a clear message that their idealism is not accepted in their Country. Hard line measures like Revoking Citizenship's for not only the convicted terrorist, but one's family as well. Assets of any terrorist and family should be sold to pay compensation to victims and the Authorities. Anyone with intelligence will know that multiculturalism works, when there is a desire to assimilate to the values and freedom of a new Country when migrating. Those who automatically use ' racist' as a defense, need to first learn the culture and laws, of those they blindly defend. Our Hospitals, Schools,Universities, Roads and Infrastructure would benefit from more funding,instead, is put aside for security /anti terror/ Intelligence etc. Our 'free' future relies on westerners not letting another culture dictate their primitive idealism under any guise.

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