Reconnecting volunteers of all ages with each other and environments, developing common purpose, stewardship and feeling empowered, contributing valued “Citizen Science” data on dolphins … volunteers, scientists and dolphins – a magical mix!

Very little is known about dolphins, habitats and movements around Australia. “Switching ON To Dolphins” is simply reengaging with our magnificent marine environment, observing and recording dolphin sightings, and contributing to knowledge and understandings which are vital to marine conservation.

Surveys indicate we spend up to the equivalent of a day a week inside online, at screens or watching TV, rather than enjoying our natural world and contributing to our health and well being. Switch OFF the screens inside and switch ON to volunteering in the environment, connect with others and feel valued and empowered!

Simply spend soul restoring time out in the real world, enjoy the coastline, observe dolphin sightings, take images if a camera is available, record simple data and upload on Coastal Walkabout or the Dolphin Watch App., or via post or email. This information will be uploaded to databases around the country operated by scientific institutions and "Citizen Science" projects, collecting vital baseline data to globally inform practice.

eg Our "Citizen Science" project Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch, an award winning community volunteer project in partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation, monitors dolphin populations on Kangaroo Island since 2005 and Victor Harbor since 2011. Scientists and dedicated volunteers of all ages collaborate on effective “Citizen Science” in surveys on Eco Tourism vessels, plus land-based monitoring, contributing a staggering number of hours over 10 years. Images and video footage are collected, identifying individual dolphins by distinctive dorsal fins and body markings. Vital data is recorded on movements and habitats, creating a sustainable, longitudinal study of extraordinary international significance.

Dolphin Watch is an exemplary model of a community based project providing extraordinary benefits across a wide demographic and range of levels, from local to global. The hidden benefits are broad reaching from growth in self belief and confidence to contributions to business development on the international stage through tourism profiling.

You are invited to participate in lifechanging community action and custodianship - caring for our environment and natural resources, impacting globally and effecting change. Switch ON To Dolphins by collecting dolphin data and maybe creating a Citizen Science volunteer project in your area!

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