Suburb Switch aims to shake the roots of traditional home existence by offering freedom of movement. By unshackling our conventional mindset, we can be free to enjoy many contrasting lifestyle choices and explore the riches of our neighbouring towns

In Australia, we have two long-standing traditional options for residential housing and accommodation – home ownership and renting. Suburb Switch aims to deliver a third option – a remodelled approach to home sharing in the 21st century.

As a citizen, we often need to temporarily relocate for a multitude of reasons - work, school, family, events or sport. A change in various stages of our life also require adjustments and a variety of factors often need to be considered. Downsize/upsize, highrise/lowrise, city/country, beach or bush. Currently, making the leap is a daunting prospect - complex, expensive and inflexible. Through the use of modern and innovative technology, Suburb Switch will provide a sharing platform, where a wide community will be empowered with the ability to swap homes from one suburb to another readily and effortlessly.

Australia has the most amazing towns and regional areas and not just ones on the tourist map. Children of the future will have the freedom to move around and truly get to know our neighbouring communities and the people who make it so special. They will live in a world where they are free to discover all the interesting and differing lifestyles our country has to offer. We will learn from each other and bring across benefits and values from our own unique way of life. The great divide between city and country will merge and Australians will grow and learn from each other.

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