To offer students with a disablity a Post School option which is a setting based on the school model for students 18-25 years old to continue to support their education in literacy & Numeracy, personal development, industry and work related skills.

Currently, students with a disability finish their schooling at their special school when they are 18 and have a very limited option of attending a day centre for 18-65 year olds which tend to be more recreational focused. My idea is to have a post school option for 18-25yo and provide a setting which is based on the current special school model and continue to support their education in real life literacy and numeracy, computer, personal development, independent living skills, industry specific and work related areas. We know students with a disability can learn it just takes them longer and for them to reach their full potential they need to be given more time and continue their education and not finish school at 18.We have to use the education system to insure that students have the opportunities to be contributing citizens regardless of their disabilities. They want a life just like everybody else and are life long learners so why expect them to finish their special school at 18.

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