My vision is to develop an innovative local project of integrated research, manufacture, promotion, and education centred on the sustainable use of solar energy to power, empower and sustain our local communities.

Context ... The proposal for this collaborative, communal project reflects several issues: from the global consequences of using non-renewable energy sources, to the personal impact of increasingly costly power bills, and in the middle, the growing struggle for employment, engagement, and enterprise within our communities. In response, my vision is an integrated enterprise that: - Connects local researchers of renewable energy products (beginning with solar energy), with collective groups who are focused on the production, domestic installation, and maintenance of solar and / or wind devices, and related equipment; - Acquires and re-purposes redundant manufacturing equipment and factory spaces to build solar panels, batteries, and associated resources; - Offers local incentives, neighbourhood collective bulk-purchase options, and fair on-grid rebates (sustained for a 5-10 year period) to encourage the domestic uptake of renewable energy panels and appliances; - Establishes solar-powered "Charge-n-Go" banks or power portals in each town and city to quickly and cheaply re-charge electric-powered devices, electric bikes, cars, and small local buses; - Liaises with local educational facilities for: i. programs offering minimal cost re-skilling work in the renewables sector; ii. VET-in-Schools (VETIS), Pre-apprenticeship and Apprenticeship programs related to the manufacture, distribution, installation, maintenance and business activities involved in expanding solar and other renewable energy use in this area iii. Scholarships for Year 11 & Year 12 students who wish to pursue either Vocational and/or Higher Education (HE) studies in renewable energy iv. Streamlined Pathways from VETIS (Vocational Education in Schools), to VET (Vocational Education and Training), and into HE for studies in renewable energy v. Undergraduate & Postgraduate degrees related to renewable energy The intended outcome: Using the sustainable and economical production of solar energy to both power and empowering local communities.

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