To create a community helping individuals access what they need from institutions, government and businesses.

We want to be able to help you, your family and everyone else in Australia access vital information about institutions in a format that everyone can understand. In order to tailor this information for every individual we have created the facebook group “Self-Advocacy Australia”. This solution of building a community of individuals helping individuals to access what they need from institutions is only the start.

The description of Self-Advocacy Australia is as follows:

Quote We created this group Self Advocacy Australia to provide a safe place to build a community of people supporting each other to navigate the government and find local community support.

We are here to assist with completing forms, writing correspondence and advice based on previous experience.

We are here to offer continued support until your issue is resolved including follow up's and check in's.

Please remember we are here to help you, help yourself. We will do everything we can to empower you to get you what you need. End Quote

Self-Advocacy is defined as “the action of representing oneself or one's views or interests.” Due to the lack of honesty on the part of institutions, individuals like you have limited access to information. This can be due to the information being difficult to access or not easily understood. Information can be difficult to access because of where and how it is stored online or offline. Information can be difficult to understand because of the use of jargon and/or excessive use of large words.

How do we build trust between you and institutions?

• Promote a culture of honesty • Empower individuals to take action for themselves • Providing the information that individuals need about the processes of institutions • Help individuals get what they need from institutions • Create a community of individuals sharing and supporting each other

How do we make institutions more accessible and their processes simpler to navigate?

• Make institutions and government more accountable for their actions and the lasting negative effects they have on individuals • Create an atmosphere of transparency of institutions for individuals • Remove the fear from individuals by reducing the power of government and institutions • Increase the trust between individuals within institutions and between institutions to eliminate corruption

To fulfil this vision we need to expand out from a small facebook group to a not for profit organisation. We would continue to help individuals get what they need from institutions. Starting a not for profit would enable us to help more individuals as we would have a united front for institutions to recognise. We would setup an easily searchable website where any information uncovered would be displayed as well as any assisting documents that help make forms or processes easier to understand. This website would take a lot of man hours to keep up to date and relevant for those whom need it.

Once the not for profit has built up the respect of the greater community we can then go to work consulting with institutions, government, and businesses. We would consult with them to make their processes simpler to use and their information accessible.

Thank you for taking the time to read our big idea, we ask you to vote for us so that we can get a jumpstart on our journey towards creating a more honest Australia.

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