My big idea is based on a key insight that no one wants to be held accountable for someone else’s rubbish and that we need to work together to create a number of viable solutions to reduce plastic usage and greenhouse emissions.

I have a number of solutions that aim to reduce green house emissions and reduce our usage of plastics. These are outlined below:

  • Introducing an incentive scheme for small cafes to encourage customers to bring their own mugs instead of using takeaway coffees. This reduces the costs to small cafes in purchasing single use disposable coffee containers. Responsible Runners offers a discount scheme off the coffee price and can also be applied to existing coffee loyalty programs.

  • City of Sydney and other local councils to introduce water fountains located in populous areas where people can refill their home brought water bottles and also purchase sparkling water or still water. This is currently provided in Fremantle by a company called ProAcqua which also gives homeless people access to clean drinking water.

  • Reconfigure local council’s recycling system to improve education on what can and cannot be recycled and force households to spend more time in sorting through their rubbish. This includes improvements to the recycling numbering system where it isn’t very clear what plastics can be recycled and rolled out a new education program. Japan has a highly efficient recycling system and has demonstrated their program works in reducing household waste.

  • Ban micro beads and regulate companies so they are more explicit in advising the consumer what ingredients are used in producing their products and where their products are sourced from. Micro beads flow back into the food chain and consumers are not aware they are consuming seafood which is consuming micro bead plastics. Atlantic salmon is more often than not from the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Introduce legislation so ghost fishing nets can be easily traced to specific fishing companies or individuals.

  • Support research by CSIRO on topics relating to carbon capture and reuse technology, reducing carbon dioxide through finding alternative uses of algae, create economical solutions to capturing methane gas from our livestock/agriculture, investigate alternative solutions into reusing plastics and invest in sustainable energy resources and start-ups who facilitate these solutions. This requires a think tank round table made up of academics, scientists, businesses and concerned individuals who can come together and work on solving the problems faced with each solution.

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