Individuals, companies and our Government MUST ensure our safety whilst online - ourselves, our children and our families deserve no less.

People are a product of what they see and hear.
There are huge increases in domestic violence and sexual violence against women, together with dropping levels of social conscience and respect for others. We can't be naïve enough to think the negative influences available online don't impact on the state of our society and future of our families.
As a parent, I shouldn't need to PAY for INTERNET SAFETY for my family - individuals, companies, and our Government should be held accountable for what they put on the internet. We should all be able to surf the net without negative (and illegal) images and information being available - the 'do-gooders' in our society want everyone to look away if they don't want to see it - what happens when the internet content is illegal? Why is that accessible? Individuals, companies and our Government need to step up (by blocking what is accessible) and become accountable for their actions - they have a duty of care to all others.

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