Accept all refugees and relocate away from capital cities to rural and outback regions. Why?? - Rural and outback areas have declining populations due to lack of employment opportunities which comes from lack of population. A never ending cycle.

  1. Accept and relocate all immigrants who will accept a safe rural or outback opportunity.
  2. "Service Australia" centres set up in regional centres with connections to the local community bank/post office/postal agency where the disbursement of finances to immigrants occurs. Therefore the immigrants must present themselves to the local outlet to gain their monies.
  3. Local builder/tradesman as champions to train immigrants in building trades when constructing their dwellings.
  4. Remove as much application paperwork as possible in the process (ie planning approvals etc not unlike previous federal development processes eg Economic Stimulus Plan)

There are thousands of small, decaying small communities throughout Australia with substantial underutilised infrastructure (ie sewerage and water supply) These communities NEED POPULAION NOW, and would welcome and assist new chums to our country. And the government would lead the way in sustainable, humane treatment of refugees.

BUT would require two covenants: 1) All refugees are released from detention centres within one month into the system with Australia ID Card, have signed an accepted terms and conditions to live in rural/ outback Australia for at least 5 years. Swear allegiance to Australia. Agree to be deported back to country of stated or judged origin if any Federal, State or Local law is broken. This would not be a problem for 99% of applicants, they want to sleep safely, and feel safe in daylight hours. The 1% of objectors to these conditions are not refugees!!!

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