To incentivise children to complete Year 12, we should provide a one off $5000 cash payment to any child that successfully finishes their schooling. They can use that money to fund getting a job or further academic/apprenticeship schemes.

When you finish school you are expected to get a job and/or go to uni, college or join an apprenticeship. However university or college on-boarding is expensive and so is buying and running a car (which is often a prerequisite for getting a job or apprenticeship.

Providing $5000 cash for all kids in Geelong who successfully complete Year 12 might sound expensive but it is exactly what they need when they leave school and the perfect incentive to complete year 12.

It would save money in the medium to long term as it would increase knowledge and skills in the workforce and hopefully reduce spending on welfare.

We give money to mothers with new born babies in the form of a baby bonus and kids inGeelong deserve an incentive and springboard to success that $5000 cash could give them at a critical point in their lives.

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