My idea is to use Today's Technology to help children of the future understand the importance of Healthy cooking on European Stainless Steel for the outdoor Aussie BBQ.

My idea after falling really sick for 3 day's after cooking on my BBQ is to Replace the rusty & porous cast iron hotplates and grills off every Aussie's BBQ within the next 10 years with the latest Technology developed from Europe of Stainless Steel idea for cooking like Never before,your food tastes so much better especially bacon, it caramelised the steaks to perfection and the egg test is perfect, Healthy cooking Healthy living, when you realize that not only do you Not See the Burnt oil on the black surface most people Don't understand Cross Contamination of Food Fats leading to Alleges on a porous cooking surface let alone if they Don't heat their cast iron BBQ plate above 64c then they may just get food poisoning if used as a warming surface for cooked food, our children usually Don't have a say what food their parents cook for them, So Replacing cast iron with the latest Technology in Stainless Steel and with our New designs at FoxFlame P/L & Reignite The Flame P/L we can change the way how we bbq our food and preventing illness within our children, We are a Startup Company in Geelong getting ready to go live on the 01/07/2016, we also believe we can create more jobs around the country Subcontracting out our work as we grow with a dispatch point in each major location around Australia, promoting Healthy Cooking and it's not just BBQ hotplates and grills, also pizza tray's / fry pans / woks etc.

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