My idea is to reduce the amount of drink spiking in nightclubs and pubs by placing a sealed lid and straw on all drinks once they're served.

The Australian Institute of Criminology suggests that between 15 and 19 suspected drink spiking incidents occurred per 100,000 persons in Australia during 2002‒2003.

With a population of 23.13 million those results are quite scary and I wish for a country were statistics like these are drastically reduced.

My idea for reducing these figures is to have a sealed plastic lid placed onto drinks in our clubs with a straw to drink from. This will reduce the risk of drink spikings as the potential substance will not be able to enter the drink with ease, it will increase OH&S by reducing drink spillage on floors, avoid potential cuts if the drink is dropped onto the floor and hit against someone as it's plastic and be able to be recycled after use.

You might be thinking "That's a dumb idea, somebody can just take the lid off an spike the drink when they go to the bathroom or if they're really stealthy" but wait there's more. The lid will be sealed with a sticker material covering a luminescent ring (like a glow stick) to remove the lid you must peel off the seal and by doing so the glow will show through.

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