Religious freedom is being taken advantage of in Australia, it is about time religion came in line with the 21st century.

There is a huge difference between having the ability to prey to any god you want and demanding the beheading of non believers in protest.

Freedom of religion is allowing a terrorist ideology to shine in our beautiful country and has allowed priests to assault children for decades. It gives tax exemptions to a multi trillion dollar, worldwide industry and it needs to change.

My idea suggests 3 changes:

  1. Re-define "freedom of religion" to "freedom of belief" in the constitution. That simple change will allow parliament to pass necessary legislation against religious fanatics.

  2. Remove Religions tax exemption: Last year the HILLSONG Church made over $100 million from its tax-exempt Australian operations from its 34,000 supporters. This is from one church alone. For the percentage actually given back to the community, the tax exemption status for religion needs to go and religion deemed a service in the eyes of the government.

  3. Very Strict legislation on religious education in schools: Evolution MUST be taught in schools under all circumstances and religious education should not begin until children are in high school This enables students to mature enough before grasping the concept of religion. This means the gradual phasing out of religious primary schools.

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