School students receive generous incentives for achieving 'above the mean' of their cohort in academics and community engagement

Students from lower socio-economic backgrounds face challenges when trying to excel academically or in the community. Students become accustomed the 'average', which may involve not caring about grades, skipping school, and having a negative outlook on the community. Surrounded by a lower average at school and at home, a lot of these students have much less opportunity to be compared with student from wealthy private school backgrounds.

This idea will raise the average of those that need it most. Students will get generous incentives for performing above their cohort average. They will not know how they fair against private schools, but will instead be encourage to break free of their cohort and excel beyond. Each student will have these incentives, effectively raising the average and breaking the mindset of the 'tall poppy syndrome'. Incentives can include scholarships, sponsorships, vacations, camps and more.

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