This sun lounge has an integrated flat board canopy that can adjust its angle to block sun direct from the upper body.It swings forward and tilts up to 90-degree deflecting very high levels of harmful UV especially from the head, face, neck and eyes.

This idea is very much alive already. It is the next generation of potable sun lounges that will protect all Australians from the harmful effects of our sun here while enjoying the beach, pool etc. as much as possible. A really cool feature is that the canopy provides effective shade, so there is no difficulty to read a mobile phone, a tablet, iPad or laptop as well as any other glossy magazines or books even without sun glasses. Another feature is the 600-denier polyester surface that is both supportive and breathable. Light weight but very stable (7kg) Up to 120kg of body weight. Three different sizes: Many different colours and frame finishes. Standard: Length: 182cm , Width: 62cm / Height : 40cm Maxi: Length: 194cm , Width: 62cm / Height : 40cm VIP: Length: 210cm , Width: 90cm / Height : 40cm Practical-Stylish-Stable

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