It is very common that most people suffering mental distress/illness have no insight into their illness at the time of their acute illness, and only later, when recovered, realize the severity of their mental illness.Peer Workers can help them here.

We need Peer Workers to be mandatorily used in all acute psychiatric hospital wards. Whenever a patient has no insight into their illness I believe a Peer Worker can certainly help provide them insight into their mental distress during the acute phase. This would make the world of difference to the patient, make them more compliant with treatment, and thus help avoid the need for more severe forms of treatments such as depots, restraints, seclusion, etc. Patients by and large feel alienated by the hospital psychiatrists, to say the least, most finding them positively scary. Peer Workers have a very different approach due to their lived experience of mental distress/illness, and thus come armed with inbuilt compassion with regard to the patient. Putting such a system in place will make the world of difference to patients suffering mental ill-health in its acute phase. Peer Workers in mental hospital settings should be mandatory.

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