My idea is to PAY PARENTS who choose to raise their children at home in the community; thus alleviating some workplace stresses & childhood insecurities, that can lead to mental health problems. This idea may improve educational outcomes & security.

Redirect complicated funding from Childcare subsidies to the parent who would prefer to be at home with children: teaching; daily living skills, manners,ethics & values, language, creativity, fitness, honour & awe, by example & through 'osmosis'; while living alongside others, watching, absorbing, how their small world is navigated & managed. I believe many 'problems' in society that government is expected to address could be alleviated by supporting 'Families-at-home'. Other potential flow-on benefits: improved general health, greater community involvement & support, including care, purpose & significance for Older folk, Youths, Unemployed,& People with special needs. In essence; encouraging & giving value to 'Families-at-home', could expand neighbourhood life, health & security, replacing isolation, fear, crime, loneliness & depression that seem to overwhelm many in our suburbs, cities & the Health system. No doubt economic & environmental improvements could follow. It seems paid Programs & Institutions have been developed to replace the organic caring & sharing that can happen in a neighbourhood when homes are enjoyed daily rather than escaped from into a stressful, rushed commute to a stressful, pressured job. Yes that isn't true for all workers, but has the research been done on how many would be at home enjoying & treasuring their children if that, too was a paid option? Of course parenting pay rates could not equal Professional salaries, but with the wonder of budgetary manipulations & modelling & all the savings that could ultimately be made, a reasonable & fair wage could be calculated. Our personal Mental & Physical health & that of our society depends on having individual needs met for Love, Belonging, Significance & Purpose, as well as our physiological needs for food & shelter etc. While our physiological needs can be met in institutions, subsidised by Government, our psyycho-social needs are best established early in life surrounded by consistent loving family, rather than divided, shared, out-sourced caring.

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