Managers recruit, so they are the mechanism of discrimination. A three step process to change behaviour, (1) measure outcomes, (2) create a score (3) promote trading of scores to transfer money to business growing from business contracting employment

Every business prepares summaries of "Group Certificates" at 30 June each year. They include "date joined" and "date left," easily converted into "employee weeks" and totalled. Weight this figure for decisions which benefit the community - permanent and full time jobs and recruitment of disadvantaged candidates.

If the adjusted total is less than the preceding year, salary expenses allowed to offset business income should be capped for all employees. (At say $100K). To avoid this penalty, businesses with a shortfall would be able to buy surpluses from business which have grown their scores, thus transferring money from businesses which impoverish the community be contracting employment, to businesses which enrich the community by growing employment.

This mechanism will directly impact all levels of management and reflect positively on managers who take decisions to hire stereotypically excluded candidates. Such decision will promote inclusion within the broader community.

Administratively, it builds on work that is done routinely every year (Group Certificates) and therefore adds little burden to that task.

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