The current system is an old way to separate people that ruin society. A modern way to reform children should be in a mobile attention programme.

Children will be assisted to make social endeavours that put their crimes/attitudes into perspective.

To fulfill their term they have to outperform expectations of people from their own status group. They will need to define a genuine ability to progress through groups that are maintaining a higher awareness of their previous crimes.

The children will have to accept mobilization into different areas and finally be admitted to regular luxuries in the final stages of their conditional terms.

Family will be able to monitor their progress at all times, and if not a causal factor, they can interact in the programme to work towards the full treatment of their children. Family and friends should be allowed to sign up for participatory roles in advocating the social inclusiveness.

Children could attend a series of requirements from regular community service, to indepth studies of society, or Australia, or businesses and projects country wide.

The system should involve attendance on matters that relate to their age. Older children should visit courthouses, police departments, hospitals, parliaments, committees, and all other public functions that form a society.

If fitting the child can exit the system on a condition that requires them to be at their very public organization activities such as guides & scouts, cadets, young entrepreneurs, sports academy, ...

It's a big idea, and if successful it could apply to adult Australians that are deemed worthy of inclusion somewhere between community service and work programs inside corrective services.

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