The long term benefits of desexing dogs and cats by government money going to vets to do this. Long term protection for our wildlife.

Cats and dogs are friends, but Australia's wildlife is suffering terribly from these animals. If compulsory desexing Australia wide was in place, it would be better if the Government supplemented (bulk bill) vets instead of paying out huge money to build fences to stop wild dogs, and wild cats are almost impossible to stop. This would be a long term project with a minimum of 10 years to see results. The idea is that if all animals (except registered breeders) were desexed, starting from suburbia and regional towns, it would start the ball rolling as there would be no more puppies and kittens coming into the world. This would have a rolling effect over the country. There are a lot of people who cannot afford to desex, so make it easier and support the vets instead so that the cost is reduced to the people but in the long run supports our environment. We cannot afford to have more extinctions in our wildlife population.

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