Transform Tasmania into the energy centre of Australia by using pumped storage to store power from wind, solar and biomass generated on mainland Australia via an up-scaled Bass Link

Tasmania has large existing hydropower resources, namely dams and water turbines. With judicious planning these could both be expanded and converted to reversible pumped storage systems. Connecting to the mainland is a 600 MWe Bass Link, a high voltage electrical cable that allows energy to be transferred in both directions. With large scale deployment of renewable energy generators in the future that will be connected to the eastern states electricity grid ...wind, solar and biomass... this link could be substantially up-sized or replicated to allow the 1000's of MW excess power that would otherwise not be conveniently stored on the mainland. Thus in lieu of developing distributed storage systems such as new batteries with limited operating lifetime there already exists a proven conventional reliable technology and electrical grid to handle the power swings that occur with renewables.

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