My idea is to use SUPERANNUATION as a present day vehicle to accelerate home ownership.Paying massive interest on loans that will most likely only be paid off after accessing SUPER @ 70+ is just dumb!!! Banks are shareholders are the only WINNERS.

My idea is to enable young employees to buy shares in LAND described as suitable for short to medium term future development. Divide and conquer strategy.Buying/investing into a small share of an otherwise inaccessible whole. Employees would be able to buy a share in a Government Administrated Landbanking company at a fraction of the retail cost.When land is developed and brought to market they would "own'/be entitled to a share = 1 block of land. LandShare would be able to be purchased through a "Land Super Fund." As land is the appreciating asset, the investment would give young Australian employees access to land at an affordable cost.This would incentivise young workers to invest knowing that they would be able to ultimately build, own and live in their home(through this scheme) well before the distant 70 + SUPER timeframe as it stands.A win-win for all parties. I am thinking 2nd tier CITIES and larger REGIONAL Australian townships as a starting point.As it stands "SUPER" is a fairly abstract and uninspiring proposition for young employees."Landshare Super" would be a "Win-Win' for the Government and employees alike.??????????

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