People with an investment properties and no mortgage are forced to rent additional houses to disadvantaged families with government subsidies

Disadvantaged families with poor living conditions struggle to escape from the poverty cycle. Their children cannot receive proper parenting investment when the parents struggle to find money for food and rent, so education often gets put last. If these families had a government supported house in a flourishing neighbourhood, they would not need to worry about rent and can help support their children with education and break the poverty cycle. These government supported houses can be the investment properties of wealthy individuals with more than two houses with no mortgage. Rent from these additional houses is provided by the government, justified by the savings of future welfare payments foregone. Strict housing inspections will ensure that the generous system is not getting abused. Home owners are benefited financially, and disadvantaged families are given a second chance with a new neighbourhood and an opportunity to focus on things other than 'trying to pay rent'.

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