To eliminate inter-generational poverty requires giving the most needy - those below the poverty line - the opportunity to purchase their own home.

Providing long term fixed zero interest rates for anyone below the poverty line that is locked in to 25% of the income they receive every month - regardless of where they get that income - solves the problem of inter-generational poverty. It does this by providing Aussie battlers with the opportunity to own a real and significant asset and have guaranteed housing that is always only 25% of their income - whatever that income may be.

Such a public policy cannot be reversed by stupid politicians or governments and will have an ongoing short to medium stimulus stabilizing impact on the building and construction sector. Over the longer run it is also likely to dampen the speculative bubble that is emerging in Australian real estate. It will also provide an ongoing steady pool of predictable housing opportunities for builders as well as increasing opportunities for employment and a raft of apprenticeships across Australia.

This type of initiative also represents an opportunity for Cth, state / territory governments, to become involved in balancing the economy and society.The assumption this policy position makes is that our elected representatives are responsible for being sensible and prudent stewards of our common wealth - to the benefit of all Aussies - and those who come after.

The short to long run benefits of this public policy driven initiative are significant whilst the downside is insignificant.

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