A transparent story of bringing together Australian designers with master craftsmen across the globe to produce luxury products minus the excessive price tags. We are transparent about the process, ethical sourcing and what it costs to bring to life

Australia produces the finest design talent. My brand believes in inspiring change through the transparent story of what is involved in creating beautiful Australian, moving art (clothes).

I believe in challenging the status quo and telling the story under a naked light. I am transparent about all work and associated costs, the journey from concept to creation and the ethical factories we work with. We use only the finest, natural materials and believe in working as a global community to bring Australian luxury to the world, in an honest and transparent way.

Collaborating with some of the finest up and coming Australian design talent to create inspiring, fine, art, I work with master craftsmen around the globe to transform this art into beautiful clothes that reflects Australia’s positive spirit.

Australian, luxury design, is bought direct to you via the e-boutique saving you all the excessive retail and middle men markups. We partner with galleries and luxury hotels so that you can experience our brand.

For the dreamers, creatives and thinkers. For the visionaries of our time and times to come. We’re all about the little details in life, that make up the big picture.

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Solve challenges to shape Australia's tomorrow

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