Create a social enterprise fashion accessories brand that inspires people to spend their time well, and empowers disadvantaged youth to do the same.

As a young person, I have noticed youth around me struggling to find time for the things they love, not enjoying their jobs, chasing money not dreams, rushing through the daily commute, disconnected attempting to escape the present moment and only living for the weekends. For disadvantaged youth, their daily challenges are even more real. And this is how the brand came about. We saw a need for change among the youth of our generation on how we think about time. We wanted to create a brand and product that inspires people to spend their moments well, and empowers disadvantaged youth to do the same. With the notion of time, our first product is a range of 10 watches. Spending our time for the greater good, our aim is to create sustainable change and deliver real impact where it matters most. For every watch sold, we will contribute 1:1 direct impact (profits) towards a charitable partner for housing, education and wellbeing to provide disadvantaged youth with the basic needs to give them an opportunity at life and empower them to reach their potential. We collaborate with like-minded timekeepers, real people, who are equally as passionate about the cause as we are to communicate and spread the message.

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