Require all Australian made food and beverages to list every fruit and vegetable ingredient on their product and packaging. This will assist people with allergies and anaphylaxis to identify if the food/beverage is 'safe' for them to consume.

Like many parents across Australia I have a child with Anaphylaxis. It is fantastic that Australian companies are now identifying nuts, soy, shellfish etc on their product ingredient labels. However, this labelling needs to go further as anaphylaxis can also be caused by the proteins in some fruits and vegetables (for example: tomato, cucumber, zucchini, pineapple, banana, kiwi fruit).

Without adequate food ingredient labelling there is no way to identify what has triggered an anaphylactic reaction to ensure that she does not consume this ingredient in future. Insufficient and misleading labelling can have life threatening consequences for someone with anaphylaxis. Australian companies have a Duty of Care to consumers to explain exactly what ingredients are in their products so that an informed decision about its' safety for those with allergies or anaphylaxis to consume.

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